Safety comes first

You know best how much work is required before your product is complete. Unforeseeable costs can be quickly accrued in the case of an accident. This is why transport insurance is often indispensable.

As you would expect, insuring your consignment is also part of our range of services. We can also take over all transport formalities if necessary. We cover industry-specific aspects so we can offer you the best service.
Take out insurance and relax as all transport issues are in hand. We would be glad to advise you!

All types of packaging!

It can be stormy on the high seas. Which is why it’s so important that everything is packed and stored correctly. If you don’t know how to ideally protect your items against typical hazards in sea transport, or require specialist assistance for your packaging requirements, then we can help.

Find out more about our packaging options here.

Customs declaration for
import and export

Do you want to avoid all risks and ensure that your goods are in safe hands? Then get in touch with us regarding customs clearance for your goods.
Our many years of experience in customs clearance mean we can speed up your supply chains. We can help with both import and export customs clearance.