Pyrotechnic industry

Hazardous goods require expertise

At GSLT we have been handling the transportation and intermediate storage of industrial pyrotechnics for over 15 years. Our staff have developed great expertise during this time – which is extremely necessary with hazardous freight! Freight transport for the pyrotechnics sector is inevitably bound with demanding challenges. So, it’s not enough for storage and land transport to be professionally carried out – a wide range of special regulations must also be observed to the letter when it comes to overseas transport.

Safety and expertise

The logistics behind pyrotechnics is definitely something that has to be taken very seriously! That is because fireworks are hazardous goods for which particularly stringent regulations apply, and for good reason. However, the storage of pyrotechnics also means that particular safety precautions and safety regulations must be observed. We have extended our service and established an experienced team of specialists in handling pyrotechnics to ensure safe transport and storage for our customers. With us, your goods are in safe hands!

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