Air freight

When time matters

Air freight was simply considered an option of quickly moving goods from A to B. However, this perspective is no longer apposite – whilst air freight is fast and reliable, it is also safe when transporting delicate items or even living animals.

In the light of the Corona pandemic and recent events within the sea freight sector, it has become clear that air freight is increasingly important. That is why we at GSLT decided to set up our own air freight department. This means we can offer air transport for a wide range of items for our customers.

Our range of services covers transportation of general cargo to hazardous goods as well as extremely small or urgent consignments. Thanks to our well-developed network, we can pick up consignments practically anywhere in Europe, prepare them to be sent as air freight, and pass them on to the airline. Strong on-site contacts enable us to receive the consignment in the recipient country from our agents, handle all import-related matters and then have it delivered. As a customer, there is nothing to worry about from collection to delivery. We can also import consignments for our customers from anywhere in the world.

Do you have urgent shipments that may result in production standstills or delivery delays? Relax! Our connections mean your items will be on the best, earliest possible flight. That means your consignment will reach its destination safely and on time.

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Peter Jenssen