Container logistics

At GSLT we have a wide range of solutions so we can offer you a transport solution for practically all products and goods. Our focus is on container logistics. Containers are indispensable for a large variety of goods when large quantities have to be transported over long distances.

When it comes to imports and exports, we mainly work with local partners who have successfully handled day-to-day matters with us for many years. We mainly serve the northern harbours with the cost-effective, environmentally friendly rail link – and as you would expect we also transport containers with lorries if required. For deliveries to and from the western harbours, barges are our preferred option. We also have good contacts with local haulage companies in European Mediterranean areas.

Our transport options include both Shippers Own Container (SOC) and Carrier Own Container (COC). If you would like to buy your own containers, we would be delighted to assist you. This means it doesn’t matter where in the world or indeed what type of container – we have links to various depots.

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