Land and inter-modal transport

As globalisation continues apace, the world gets ever closer together and logistics becomes increasingly complicated. One result of globalisation is the increasing need for professional logistics solutions – as effective logistics can be decisive for the success of many modern companies.

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Ideal transport solutions for you

If a loading site does not allow for container loading, then goods must be collected in the conventional manner. GSLT can also help you here. With innovative solutions for your project, we don’t just store common items at all known ports, but offer a complete solution including customs clearance and haulage. We provide full support in terms of correct storage and the type of container in collaboration with Atlantik Hafenbetriebe, the packaging arm of the Geuther group.

But what happens if the volume of goods is not enough to fill an entire container? Don’t worry, the space does not go to waste! We would be happy to offer you a freight rate at Less than Container Load (LCL). We unload goods from various loading sites into a container and use up all available space to lower your transport costs.

Too large? Too heavy? Not with us!

Our motto: Everything can be transported! If it can’t be delivered in one consignment, then perhaps in its constituent parts. However, some particularly bulky items cannot even be transported in a 45’ high cube container.

We find a way! For example, if the dimensions for standard containers are only exceeded by a small amount, then it is possible to deliver Out of Gauge (OOG) cargo with 40’ flat rack containers. Our team certainly has the solution for your bulky items.

However, even flat containers have their limits. In such cases special transport via lorry is the only option. We regularly organise pre-carriage for yachts (via land and see) and have plenty of experience with wind turbines and other parts of wind power stations. We help you successfully implement your project.

Yacht transport

Mechanical and plant engineering

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