Forestry and timber products

Timber export specialists

Few raw materials are currently as in demand and have as much potential for the future as timber! This is why we established our timber export division in 2018 and have continuously expanded: our specialists for all timber products!
We also have a large network of established companies for rail, barge and road traffic. Selection of an ideal carrier is based on your loading site as well as the weight of your consignment.
For our customers, our daily cooperation with container fumigation service providers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany means we are particularly price-effective.

Our timber-related services

Our priorities are focused on safe, transparent, cost-effective logistics solutions. This is why we also handle transport insurance for your consignment if required. Other services we offer include:

  • preparation of Export Accompanying Documents (EAD) and customs clearance at the customs office of exit
  • container weighing (VGM) as per SOLAS regulations
  • preparation of spot offers

If your quantities are too large for containers then we can also help with tailored solutions. In such a case we book logs and lumber as break bulk so that there are no more restrictions on capacity.
We also have plenty of experience in handling other mass goods. We would be glad to handle individual requests. Get in touch with us!

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