Packaging solutions

Tailored - environmentally conscious

Inefficient packing that causes vast quantities of packaging waste? Not with us! At GSLT we offer efficient, smart packaging options for various goods. Whether packed in cartons or on pallets: We find sustainable, appropriate and secure packaging for transporting your goods!

Our priority is to favour environmentally friendly, recyclable packing options using corrugated cardboard. This helps us reduce usage of harmful plastic.

Brief overview of our packaging options

The following points provide an insight into the various packaging options that you have with GSLT.

  • Storage on carriages
  • Palletising in general
  • Seaworthy packaging
  • Storage in wooden crates
  • Suitable packaging for air transport
  • Packing and repacking palletised goods
  • Packaging in accordance with hazardous goods regulations
  • Environmentally conscious packaging options

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