Liquid and Dry Bulk

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Safety and reliability are of the utmost priority in the liquid and dry bulk sector. This applies to both transportation and storage. Various mass goods also pose differing demands in logistical terms. The aim is to select the ideal container for various mass goods – as well as the most efficient transport routes and interim storage sites.

Top-tier expertise for dry and liquid bulk

Mass goods can either be in liquid or
bulk form. The latter can also be divided into bulk (granules)
and general cargo. For example, general cargo includes
tree trunks or steel. Typical dry bulk includes sand or granular
agricultural products. Common mass liquid goods include crude oil,
petrol and liquid chemicals.
Regardless of whether you want to transport liquid or dry bulk: We will gladly assist in transportation of all mass goods. We have the right containers available at all times – such as in the form of flexitanks and tank containers for import and export.

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