The Karl Geuther Group

The Geuther Group has been successfully active for over 50 years in the business fields of shipping, forwarding, stevedoring, the mail-order trade and tourism.
The firm Karl Geuther GmbH was the first company of the group to be founded in 1958 by Mr Karl-Hillard Geuther.
Only three years later, Mr Artur Schnitger was made his partner and joined the firm. Many of the companies which belong to the corporate group today were founded during these first few years.
The Geuther Group has now been run for many years in the second generation by the two managing partners Dr Ralph-Hillard Geuther and Mr Hans–Joachim Schnitger.
The activities have been continually extended and are reflected today in a stable and lean organization.
Historically we have focussed on transportation by sea. On the basis of a stable and lean organization the Geuther Group is optimally equipped for future growth.