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The term “Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier” (NVOCC) describes a particular type of transport company. NVOCCs undertake their own maritime transport without owning or operating ships themselves.

Our NVOCC services combine the expert knowledge of local companies with our expertise in freight transport. For many years, we have maintained excellent relationships with our partners, most of whom operate out of Pakistan and India. We place a great deal of importance on providing a reliable service and ensuring simple collaboration. We can provide our NVOCC services out of and within virtually all European ports. We are specialists in the provision of services in and around the Persian Gulf.

The relationship we have with our NVOCC partners is based on flexibility, complementing each other and sharing a joint interest in customer satisfaction. With our vast experience, we can provide you with efficient and transparent solutions, such as our All-In-One package. This covers everything from pre-carriage and customs formalities to port declarations and compliance checks, right through to onward carriage logistics and inland clearance depots at the destination.

Our multinational and highly experienced team of experts is at your side for every stage of your project. Our team speaks English, German and Farsi

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