From Europe to the world

As an exporting country, Germany has traditionally placed huge importance on foreign trade. It’s no surprise therefore that great value is placed on the processing of exports. Global trade is present everywhere, particularly here in the northern coastal regions.

One of our main tasks here at GSLT is to safeguard fully operational and efficient supply chains to enable secure transportation from Europe to the entire world. Since our company was formed, we have gained a huge amount of experience in the field of exports and established reliable networks all over the world.

We are skilled operators in container transport on the one hand, which we dispatch all over the world, and the transport of low-value or bulk goods on the other hand. We also have reliable networks in place in the Middle and Far East, which we have nurtured and expanded over more than 20 years. This creates an unbeatable combination that has also given us a fine reputation abroad.

With our intermodal logistics capacities, we have the finest equipment in place to handle bulk and general cargo, store it properly and transport it to its inland destination. Where required, we also draft and complete all of the transport-related documents, such as FUMI, Phytosanitary Certificates, Certificates of Origin and Bills of Lading.

Our professional team has a solution available for any transport request. We can of course also support you with the transport of liquids, bulky goods or refrigerated goods. So come and talk to us and discover our expertise in processing exports.

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Peter Jenssen