Nele Slawik (3rd year of apprenticeship) gives an account of her apprenticeship at GSLT. This includes, amongst other things, entertaining team events, interesting insights into different departments and having a laugh at work.

Apprentices are in good hands at GSL Transport GmbH. The various departments that we visit during our three-year training period give us plenty of insight into the work carried out by a freight forwarder. As we are employed as apprentices by Karl Geuther GmbH & Co. KG, this also gives us the opportunity to find out about the different departments with the shipping company SCI.

This ensures the training period is structured as diversely as possible. Switching departments on a regular basis means the work is never boring. There are also internal events hosted each year for us apprentices. They include, for example, visiting the Bremer Freimarkt fair or a gathering for all apprentices at the start of each year of apprenticeship.

Work with colleagues is varied, and having a laugh is part and parcel of daily life here. The departments are always looking for new ways to enhance support for apprentices.

I personally have been given the opportunity to shorten my training period to 2.5 years. I also signed my Transfer Agreement a few months ago and will be working in the field of sea freight export from now on.

Nele Slawik, 23 years old, 3rd year of apprenticeship

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