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Our trainee Aleksandra Peplinski (3rd year of training) explains why she feels at home at GSLT and in the logistics sector. She likes, amongst other things, the amenable work environment and that the work has a high degree of responsibility.

Even before I wrote my first application letters, it was clear to me that I would be in good hands in the freight forwarding and logistics sector. Why? Because it is varied, a systematically important industry and challenging. As coronavirus has spread, we have all noticed how important our work is. Without us, not only would the supermarket shelves be empty, key facilities like hospitals would also be forced to do without vital resources. Disaster zones would also be unable to receive aid and supplies as quickly as normal.

The collaboration we see between individual companies, some of which are based in different continents, is never boring.

So why is it now the perfect time to start your training with us?

A member of the Geuther Group, GSL Transport GmbH has a diverse structure and is able to offer a complete training package. Here, you are not just simply welcomed and given an introduction into your field of work; you also have the opportunity to visit different departments focusing on different areas of work. This makes our training particularly varied. You are also a regular member of the team here. We give you the opportunity to work independently and take responsibility. Your Team Leader is of course on hand to assist you with any queries you may have, or when things become a little more complex.

We are also able to see the big picture. If you are interested in more than just the basics, you’ll feel right at home here.

Visiting the Freimarkt fair, the Christmas party and the traditional “Kohlfahrt” festivities are real highlights that the entire team looks forward to every year.

The freight forwarding and logistics sector is a secure occupational field and is really extensive. I’m delighted to have chosen this training option and to work for this company and look forward to learning something new all the time.

If you are thinking about getting into this industry, I fully recommend joining a medium-sized company. Here you work through everything from start to finish, getting to know the background to it all too.

You’ll succeed in this profession if you are a good communicator, able to withstand stress and work well as part of a team. The support from our Team Leaders and Heads of Department provides the finishing touch here.

Aleksandra Peplinski, 23 years old, 3rd year apprentice

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